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Winter Voyages - February 2022

Our winter concert reflects the musical travels of our composers. While Wagner’s “Prelude to Das Rheingold” represents a mythical journey on the Rhine, our other composers are represented by real world journeys. Vaughn Williams’ Norfolk Rhapsody portrays the English countryside through a compilation of themes based on local folk songs. Tchaikovsky’s Rococo Variations (featuring our principal cellist, Johnny Mok,), is more a journey of time rather than place, as he writes this lovely piece in a classical style, perhaps inspired by his role model, Mozart. We return to the Rhine River with Robert Schumann’s Rhenish Symphony. He was inspired to write the symphony after a trip to the Rhineland with his wife Clara. This journey was a happy and peaceful trip, which felt to them as if they were on a pilgrimage. He incorporated elements of the journey and portrayed other experiences from his life in the music.

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