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Drawn To The Music

NH Phil Orchestra members and staff,

I had the pleasure of attending the Drawn to the Music concert tonight (where I had over 200 students' artwork featured), but it was truly an honor to hear the premiere of the new orchestral work composed Tim Cohen, entitled "Old Man of the Mountain." Tim's modest delivery of his narration depicting the history of the former landmark was just perfect. Before we listened, I am glad he explained how based his melody off a six note theme - "OLDMAN" - which my ears delighted finding the ways he toyed with this melody throughout. My music teacher geekiness was just captivated. I also fondly remember visiting the famed Old Man as a child, and remember feeling modest loss when he met his fate. This piece truly made me smile and reminisce in my own childhood as well as tell his story anew through the music. Brava!

I highly suggest if it all possible professionally recording this piece as it is something I'd so enjoy sharing with all of my students!

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NH Elementary Music Teacher

March 2019

Drawn to the Music is a collaborative arts project in which students listen to great works of western art music and create original illustrations in response. The resulting artwork (up to 150 images will be selected) will be scanned and projected above the orchestra during their performance of the piece. This season's Drawn to the Music performances takes place on Saturday, April 15, 2023 (2:00 p.m.) and Sunday, April 16, 2023 (2:00 p.m.).

Since Drawn to the Music began in 2008, schoolchildren in grades K - 6 from 35 schools across southern and central New Hampshire have submitted nearly 4000 illustrations. Participating students have created unique, illustrated versions of Stravinsky’s Firebird, Prokofiev’s Cinderella, Adams’ The Chairman Dances, Barber’s Knoxville: Summer of 1915, Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf and Ravel’s Mother Goose. In 2019, students were invited to illustrate a selection of pieces all of which fall under the theme exploring the beauty of the earth through music.

New submissions for Drawn to the Music 2023 are NOT being accepted at this time. The next new program will be in April 2023. Submission deadline was postmarked by December 31, 2022.

Winning students, parents and teachers will check in at will-call upon arrival at the venue, Seifert Performing Arts Center, to receive free entrance to the concert.

For more information, please contact Toni DeGennaro or (603) 785-8770.

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