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PERFORMANCE Leaders of the NH Philharmonic

The NH Philharmonic Orchestra displays a rich legacy of service in the persons of its presidents, conductors, orchestra members, and its professional staff.  Thank you to all who have served this incredible organization with such rich history in the state of New Hampshire.  


G. Byron Chandler (1895)

Dr. Hermann Sander (beginning in 1959)

Carl Bartlett

Walter Scheirer

Dr. H L Tung

Paul Giles

Edna Turner

Dr. Hermann Sander

Melvin Whitcomb

Beverly Ford (nee Loomis)

Hope Wright

Madeline Smith

Anne Hawkins

Katherine Dallaire

Robert Robbins

Stanley Warren

Katherine Dallaire

Diane Brown

Gregg Cunningham (1987-1991)

Gary Turner (1992-1993)

Val Zanchuk (1994-1999)

Clayton Poole (2000-2002)

Jefferson Chickering (2003-2004)

John Briggs, Jr. (2005)

Ronald Ciotti (2006-2010)

Gary Miller (2010-present)


Henri G. Blaisdell (1895)

Rudolph Schiller (active 1905 and in the early years of the Institute orchestra)

Frederick Mindt (Late 1950s)

Rolland "Tap" Tapley (1959-76)

Paul Gay (1975-76 )

Max Hobart (1977)

Dr. Paul Roby (1978-79)

Rachel Worby (1980-81)

Dr. Kay George Roberts (1982-86)

Robert Babb (1987-92)

Patrick Botti (1993-1999)

Anthony Princiotti (2000-2012)

Mark Latham (2012-present)

* of the orchestras of the May Festival, the Manchester Institute, and the New Hampshire Philharmonic 

Executive Directors

Leslie Holman (1985)

Carolyn Whitlock (1986)

John Jackman (1987-1988)

Roxanne Turner (1989-1996)

Steve Olans (1997-1999)

Val Zanchuk (2000)

Nick Zaricki (2001)

Paul Hoffman (2002-2015)

Faith Wilson (2015 - 2017)

Catherine Kaplan (2017 - 2018)

Toni DeGennaro (2018 - Present)

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