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The New Hampshire Philharmonic is the state’s premier training orchestra, offering concerts and educational programs to audiences and students across New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.  We are a community-based 70+ person orchestra performing 10 concerts annually at Seifert Performing Arts Center in Salem, New Hampshire located in Salem High School. 


The New Hampshire Philharmonic is the oldest orchestra in the state, tracing its roots to 1895.  The Philharmonic exists to connect people to the power of classical music, through compelling concerts and engaging programs. The orchestra serves as a living laboratory, bringing together the finest student, amateur and professional musicians from across New Hampshire. The Philharmonic provides educational outreach programs to area students and adults.


“A fine arts flagship for New Hampshire”

New Hampshire Union Leader


The Philharmonic delivers on its mission of educational outreach programs and services in a number of ways.

  • Presenting an annual children’s concert (with our ever-popular instrument petting zoo)

  • Inviting student musicians to play at NH Phil concerts

  • Pre-concert talks by the music director before each performance

  • Mentoring student members of the orchestra


“My experiences with the New Hampshire Philharmonic were of critical importance to my growth as a musician.”

Grammy-award winning composer John Adams


The Philharmonic serves as a living laboratory for the best students and amateurs from New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts to work with professional musicians to present engaging renderings of the core repertoire. The Philharmonic complements the many fine orchestras of New Hampshire that are composed predominantly of professional musicians.


“Professional-caliber musicianship… tight, well-drilled and confident”



The Philharmonic provides engaging and high-quality concerts of classical and semi-classical music to residents from towns across New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.


“If you’re interested in music made locally, the Philharmonic is well worth your attention”

New Hampshire Magazine

Orchestra Members

Music Director

Violin I

Rebecca Katsenes

Nicholas So

Elliott Markow

Debbie Markow

Aniko Geladze

Louise Kandle

Anya Lebdeva

Matthew Austin

Michelle Cloutier

David Brown

Michele Cronin


Violin II

Beth Welty

Zoe Martel

Nikki Billiri

Rebecca Kelly

AnnMarie Glisson

Glen Kelly

Kate Ford

Jen Langevin

Reese Hartnett

Erin Maynard

Susan Rees

Lindsay Marquis


Theresa Jaques

Jonathan Byrne 

Denise Cara Pocoli

Julia Perelgut 

Stuart Goldstein 

Henry MacDonnell

Eva Paige Normandin

Emma Michaud

Rachel Sennett 

Peter Chew



Ethan Cheng

Dorothy Braker

Kurt Villiard

Daniel Delisi

Richard Harwood

Wil Latulippe

Rebekah Goldstein

Susan Yost

Jan Kolar

Roric Cunningham

Production Assistant
Jack Cody



Norma Milne

Erin Cohen

Nancy Goldstein

Michael Pennisi

Abbie DeGennaro

full orchestra 1.JPG


Ed Marshall

John Stewart

Bronslaw Suchanek

Serenity Newton

Anthony Eng



Aubrie Dionne

Terry D'Errico

Kylie Elliot


Mary O'Keefe

Natalie Berger

Sarah Bazarian



Pat Cunningham

Dale McDonald

Cora Dykens



Justin Wright

Becky Pierce

Michaela Kosta


French Horn

Sarah Perrin

Peter Guidi

Matt Miller

Vincent Duval

Emily Tomasi


Janet Travis

Dan Wright

Val Zanchuk

Leslie McEvoy


Shea Callahan 

Mark Schirmer

Steve Gasiorowski



Larry Jones



Gregg Cunningham

Matt Bruneau

Katie Inamorati

Charolette Caron



Emily Lewis



Erin Tellier

Evan Deyak


Justin Murphy-Mancini

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